Flat Sheets
Simple as the name suggests, they are flat and rectangular pieces of bed linens that lie flat on the surface. Many use these as essentials in their regular lives and are also known as top sheets.

Fitted Sheets
Known as bottom sheets, fitted sheets have elastic corners that are designed specifically to cover the mattress from each side without coming off so easily since they’re fit is usually tight. A right size fitted sheet for your mattress is necessary to fit perfectly.

How to Use a Bedding Set Containing Flat and Fitted Sheets
Fitted Sheets are placed first, making sure its hugs tight to the mattress, covering and protecting your mattress. You will be laying down directly on them. Tip: To protect you mattress of stains and dust, use a mattress protector.

Second comes the flat sheet; if you use a duvet or a blanket, the top sheet rests between it and the fitted sheet. Flat sheets make the bed more inviting and smoother.

A high-quality bedding set with both fitted and flat sheets is an essential part of your everyday comfort and health as both sheets are in direct contact with your skin.

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