The ultimate guide to buying the perfect bedsheets for your home

The first thing that mostly grabs your attention when you enter the bedroom is the beautiful bedspread on bed, simply because it is the centre of attention in any room. It offers a sense of relief and calmness. Not to forget, it also gives a hint of your taste and preferences. So, to leave an ever-lasting impression on your guests and to enhance your bedroom décor, you must choose the bedsheet colour combination and fabric wisely. If you are a fan of comfort, organic percale fitted sheets are your best friends. Craftsworth is your destination for the premium quality cotton percale fitted sheet

You all must have heard: Home is where the heart is. And the heart of your home lies in the bedroom. So it's important to choose bedding that not only feels comfortable and looks inviting but also ensures sophistication. Hence, choosing the right bed sheets material and color is super important for a good night’s sleep as well as the ambience of your bedroom. 

Craftsworth has got you covered for all your bedsheets and bedding needs. Craftsworth came into being after years of struggling to find the right combination of quality, material, and style of bed linen for you. We offer comfortable percale fitted sheets and pillowcases that are easy to care for and of supreme quality while being worth their price.

While there is a wide range of bedsheet variety available, Craftsworth’s premium cotton percale fitted sheets are what you need to keep your bedroom classy and your sleep uninterrupted.  

Egyptian Cotton has an established reputation for being the best cotton in the world. Its strength, softness, purity, ability to absorb liquids and durability make the percale queen fitted sheet an ideal choice for your bedding. 

Choose your bedroom ambience with the right tones 

When choosing the best colors for bed sheets, consider your bedding needs and personal tastes. Are you looking for a queen-percale fitted sheet with whimsical patterns that make you smile, soothing shades to help you relax, and beautiful florals for a garden aesthetic, or do you want to add a hint of sophistication with elegant whites and welcoming neutrals? 

Discover the best bed sheet colors to add a personal touch to your room and get you ready to snuggle up from Craftsworth: 

The Classic White 

The most preferred colour choice for best cotton percale bedsheets is the white shade. It helps you be calm and peaceful. Instead of a solid white shade, you can also go for cream or beige, suiting your bedroom walls. Or you can also choose a colour combination that has a white base and a touch of baby pink colour, light blue or even lemon yellow. White bed sheets with colourful prints add elegance to your bedroom. With 300 thread count, premium quality organic percale sheet set includes an elastic, supper soft sheet & pillowcase set.                        

Classic Colour Block Bedsheet

If you are a jolly and cheerful person who loves colours or painting, the best percale bed sheet combination will be the colour block. It makes your bedroom look lively and picturesque. This will make your room very artistic. For colour block designs, you can choose a soothing blend of lilac and grey, lemon yellow with parrot green, light blue and teal shade, brown and mustard or a fusion of several colours. 

But one thing’s for sure, our lilac color cotton percale fitted sheet is the perfect style symbol if you want to go for a block color style. It is trendy and hides stains and marks due to its slightly darker color.  


Serene Pastels Bedsheet

Who does not like the feel of a beach or natural beauty in their bedrooms? Pastel colour cotton bed sheets give the same feeling. Along with making your bedroom look beautiful, the pastel colour bed sheets calm you down and are soothing to your eyes, adding a different aesthetic. The most preferred pastel colour combinations for bedsheets are light green, baby pink, light grey, lavender, yellow, mauve, or peach. 

We have a wide range of subtle yet stylish pastel-colored percale queen bed sheets that come with premium quality percale pillowcases. If you do not like to bring a lot of color into your room but still want to stick to a pastel theme, you can easily choose neutral colors to suit your palate such as this one. 

Beat the blues the moment you walk in 

Blue is the perfect colour for any bedroom especially when it comes to your bed sheets and fitted pillowcases.  A rich dark blue will contrast and complement other shades very well and have a very calming effect, being a colour that reminds us of the sky and sea and the calm it envelopes. Our exclusive collection of Egyptian cotton bed sheets includes a wide array of blue tones, but this exotic navy blue cotton sateen fitted bed sheet will make your bedroom look inviting and warm.    

Premium quality with a hint of sophistication 

When it comes to coordinating your bed sheets, keep it simple to create the perfect environment to catch some deep sleep—or get creative for a space filled with personality. The choice is yours. Explore our entire range of premium quality, durable and stylish cotton percale fitted sheets, pillowcases and more now. Happy Shopping!   

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