Why You Should Make the Switch to Organic Cotton?


Why You Should Make the Switch to Organic Cotton?

Do you ever wonder where your sheets come from and how much of an impact they have on the environment?

With most of us trying to be more conscious as consumers lately, we often find ourselves thinking about making our purchases as sustainable and organic as possible. This is why making the switch from conventional cotton sheets to organic cotton sheets is an important step that we should all be taking.

So what is organic cotton and why is it better than conventional cotton? Organic cotton is sustainably grown cotton whose production process eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides & GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Unlike conventional cotton that uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides, organic cotton uses 88% less water and 62% less energy.

Here are a few reasons why you should make the switch to organic cotton bed sheets:

1. Reduces environmental impact: Organic cotton farming uses natural processes rather than artificial inputs such as pesticides and insecticides thus preventing damage to the soil and less negative impact on the air around us.

2. Safer and ethical working conditions: Growing organic cotton protects farmers from the harmful impacts of being exposed to toxic chemicals and therefore safeguards their health. Moreover, it also increases their livelihood by helping them grow more crops.

3. Natural and safer for your skin: Organic cotton is an all-natural alternative for your bedding that eliminates the chemical hazards of sleeping on conventional cotton sheets. It's also a skin-friendly fabric that provides long term health benefits along with the utmost comfort!

Switch to organic cotton today with Craftsworth's organic cotton sateen sheets to support a safer environment and a better future for our planet.

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