Want Peaceful sleep with Comfort? Read below

Looking for a good night's sleep and comfort while sleeping? Craftsworth got you covered with our luxury high-quality pillow insert. We provide you with our organic cotton pillow protector which are luxurious and comfortable to use.

Your bedding is an important part of your daily life. Pillow inserts are not only to protect them from germs and dust but to make your pillow and bed linen look organized. It not only involves your great night's sleep but also maintaining the decor of your room. We bring you our luxurious 100% cotton sateen material. We provide organic cotton pillow protector with comfort and style. 

The threat count for our best cotton pillow protectors is 200 with a sateen finish. The threat count determines the quality of the product. The higher the threat counts are, the more quality insurance is there. The threat counts to make the fabric smooth and relaxed for a great night's sleep. Our priority is to provide our customers with comfort. Our best cotton pillow protectors for throw pillows are 100% made in high quality, noiseless, comfortable and breathable, giving you a cool and calm feeling. It allows you to sleep hushed whenever you are tired and want a good night's sleep like a child. Our best cotton pillow protectors come with a secured zipper. 

These best cotton pillow protectors are best for formal settings of the room to give off lavish vibes. The different shades of white go well with almost every theme. Our organic cotton pillow protector come in a striped design, which is plain and stylish. You can keep your bedroom looking simple and elegant.  

Our covers are Certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. They are third-party tested for skin friendly. It means our best cotton pillow protectors are free from animal cruelty and no living is harmed through the process. It is safe for you and for your loved ones. 

100% satisfaction is guaranteed as the comfort level will be high. There is no compromise on the quality. Our best cotton pillow protectors are ultra-thin, advanced fibre so that there won’t be any change in the feel of your pillow. They are machine washable and suitable. The lifespan of these covers depends on the frequency of usage and how you use these covers. It simply depends on how you wash it and care for the covers. Usually, the lifespan of our best pillow insert is two years. 


Why need pillows? 

Pillows are important to keep your head aligned with the neck and backbone. We need this support when we are sleeping because the human spine is naturally curved.

It’s very important to look out for the alignment of your body because if a person's neck is not in a neutral position, then it might cause muscle pain, lack of sleep and exhaustion. 

Many people sleep on their side or back if they don’t use a pillow which can reduce the quality of their sleep. It will lead to back pain and neck fatigue while that particular individual is sleeping.

How to take care of the bedlinen

The most essential thing is to take care of your bedding. You can wash the bedlinen with mild water or cool water you should use organic detergent so the softness of the cover will be the same as before. The temperature of water depends on the choice of the individual. 

Wash them separately so the quality of our best cotton pillow protectors will not depreciate. It is very important that you remember to replace the sheets when you feel the fibre is becoming weaker and thread piling starts to happen. Whenever you are storing the bedlinen, make sure you keep them in a breathable environment. 


Cotton is one of the natural fabrics that are soft. Cotton is one of the extremely absorbent fabrics. Human skin naturally loses oil and moisturiser as they are sleeping. Using absorbent fabric for pillow covers prevents your skin to get acne or worsen them. 

There is a common misconception, that sateen fabrics are made of silk. Sateen is actually a weave in which the threads of the warp are seized and looped by the weft fibres at certain intervals. 

Our best cotton pillow protectors are silk free as silk is made by killing silkworms. Our products are skin free and free from harming any living being. 

Thread counts and quality matters. The best thread count for the best cotton pillow protectors starts around 180. The thread counts of 200 and more are considered a great quality fabric.

Cotton fabric will keep you warm in the winter and cold in the summer

The white blend

The advantage to use white pillow inserts is their ability to fit in aesthetically and go well with most types of furniture. White colour is extremely adaptable and gives the look of elegance. It can brighten up the room. In the warm season, brighter shades are preferred to give of some fresh vibes. The blend of cotton sateen will be best to use as it can be used in any season or weather and will still be comfortable for you. 

So, why are you still waiting? Don’t you want a great night's sleep? Go and get yours and sleep carefree! 


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