How To Care For Your Bedsheets During Winters


How to care for your bedsheets during winters

Keeping your sheets dry and crisp during winters can be difficult. The wind and the damp moisture in the atmosphere make our beddings moist and musty.

But there are few easy hacks that will make sure your beddings stay clean and crisp throughout the chilly winter season. After all, you deserve a good night’s sleep without having to worry about musty sheets.

Store Them Right: The key to having fresh and soft sheets is to store them the right way, so that you can crawl into a freshly made bed that smells divine when you set them up. This includes washing them before storage and folding them lightly to allow them some space to breathe.

Pro tip – Place lavender sachets inside the bedsheets to keep them fresh and smelling good when in storage. This will also keep the pest away.

Keep Checking In: Just as important it is to store your organic cotton sheets the right way, it is also important to keep an eye on them during winters. Keep checking in to make sure that the space you have stored them in is dry and clean. Even a slightly moist area can cause discoloring and attract insects.

Wash Them Frequently: Once in use, wash your bedlinens weekly for a soft and silk feel against your skin. Craftsworth Egyptian Cotton Sheets get softer with every wash, so wash them without any stress with cold water on a delicate cycle. However, make sure to wash your beddings separately with no towels or other clothing. Every sheet requires different care, so don’t forget to read the guidelines that come with your beddings.

Layer Them Up: To be able to comfortably snuggle into a warm bed during winters, the secret is to dress it up in layers. This will not only keep you and your bed warm, but will also protect your twin sheet set from the damp moisture in the atmosphere during the cold season.

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