Your bedding essentials are an integral part of your daily life. It contributes to a great night sleep while being an important part of your home decor.

This is why, bed sheets, are given high importance and we would love to share the important things that you should know when shopping for you new pair of sheets.

Thread Count

The quality and construction of a bedsheet is measured by the Thread Count.
A fine quality thread is the secret to a more relaxed time in bed when your sheets are smooth and comforting rather than rough. Having said that, the higher the thread count, the better quality of sheets you can expect.


We recommend you to research colour palettes that can be adapted to your room easily so that you feel visually satisfied when you enter your room. Colours of your bedding have a direct affect on your mental and physical health, for example, a plush pink, would have a more soothing effect on your mind helping you to relax more.


Your bedlinen don’t last you a lifetime; you do have to be changed after a certain amount of time. Usually it is 2 years, depending on how frequent you use it and the way it is washed and cared for. Good quality sheets last you longer though. It is highly recommended that you change the sheets when you feel the fiber is becoming weaker and thread piling starts to happen.

The care for your bedding is essential; from washing the bedlinen with mild to cool water and using organic detergents. Washing them separate from other fabrics also helps keep them from easily getting deteriorated. Alongside, while storing your linens, make sure to keep them in a breathable environment.

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